MAGNA was founded in Slovakia in 2001. Since 2002, we have been actively involved in providing health care and social assistance to children and their families in need. We were one of the first organizations to provide antiretroviral (ARV) treatment for HIV/AIDS to children in Cambodia in 2003. Subsequently, MAGNA began deploying its teams to crisis areas around the world and providing medical, nutritional, and material assistance to children in need on 3 of the world’s continents.

Martin Bandžák: "It seemed to us it would be increasingly necessary to bring out the real stories and destinies of families, and show the public the real world. In the first years we organized 3 large exhibitions of photographs, which we installed at that time quite unconventionally – in the shopping malls just then emerging. During a visit to Cambodia in 2002, we found HIV-positive children tied to beds, without any medicines or any interest. This got us started, and we began not only to document their problems, but also created a system to help them."

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KENYA. Garissa. 2011. Famine and extreme drought. © Martin Bandžák / MAGNA



MAGNA is founded. The idea to establish an organization to document the fates of children and their families in the world’s crisis areas came about in 2000, when photographer Martin Bandžák along with Denisa Augustínová went to Cuba for 3 months, at a medical facility for Chernobyl victims.


MAGNA responds to the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Cambodia and opens its first mission. Tens of thousands of people are dying from HIV/AIDS-related illnesses. Many children have been orphaned and left on the streets without any help or treatment. MAGNA is one of the first organizations to provide ARV treatment and care to children with HIV/AIDS.

CAMBODIA. Phnom Penh. 2003. The HIV / AIDS epidemic. © Martin Bandžák / MAGNA


MAGNA launches the long-term fundraising program Support the Child, thanks to which people can directly contribute to treating children in Cambodia.


Tsunami in Southeast Asia: MAGNA provides psychosocial assistance to children and rebuilds communities in southern India. We gained our first experience in caring for victims of natural disasters.

INDIA. Tamil Nadu. 2005. Tsunami. © Martin Bandžák / MAGNA


MAGNA launches its first therapeutic centre for treating child malnutrition in Cambodia. Our HIV/AIDS treatment programs were bolstered by visits from King Norodom Sihamoni of Cambodia and former President Bill Clinton.

MAGNA opens offices in the Czech Republic and Austria.

CAMBODIA. Takmau. 2007. © Martin Bandžák / MAGNA


We open missions to assist children in Kenya and Nicaragua. In Kenya we focused primarily on treatment of HIV/AIDS, while in Nicaragua we launched a mobile clinic that travels to patients in remote areas of Sutiava.

In Cambodia, we run an ongoing paediatric ward at Chey Chumneas Hospital in Takhmau, and work to address the Dengue epidemic.

NICARAGUA. Sutiava. 2008. © Martin Bandžák / MAGNA


Cyclone Nargis in Burma (Myanmar): MAGNA sends its own team of volunteers to the affected area, providing medical and nutritional assistance for more than 250,000 people thanks to non-state clinics in the Irrawaddy delta.

Kenya is hit by post-election violence: MAGNA helped people in the affected province of Nyanza, where we distributed food and material assistance.

In cooperation with the Pasteur Cambodia Institute, we work on a unique project enabling us to diagnose children of HIV-positive mothers in the first days after birth.

BURMA (Myanmar). Rangoon. 2008. Cyclone Nargis. © Martin Bandžák / MAGNA


MAGNA sends its teams to Ukraine to provide medical assistance in frontline border area.


We open a mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. At Kintambo Hospital, we launched treatment for HIV/AIDS and child malnutrition, and provided medical and psychosocial assistance to victims of sexual violence.

In Vietnam, at the National Pediatric Hospital in Hanoi, we introduce treatment and prevention for children born to HIV mothers.

CONGO. Kinshasa. 2009. ©Martin Bandžák/MAGNA


Earthquake in Haiti: MAGNA sends a team of experts to save lives at a Port-au-Prince hospital. At the same time, we provided material and psychosocial assistance to victims of the disaster.


Famine in Somalia: for the first time in 30 years, a famine is again declared, and we open 9 nutrition centres in the northern part of Kenya and on the border with Somalia.

We open a mission in South Sudan, to provide basic health care, treat infectious diseases, and take care of mothers and children in the Terekek area.

KENYA. Garissa. 2011. Famine in Somalia. © Martin Bandžák / MAGNA


Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines: we distribute humanitarian aid on the fourth day after the disaster. MAGNA teams operated on Cebu Island and in the Palo, Tacloban, and Kananga areas. In Myanmar, in the Magway area, we also treated malnourished children.

MAGNA opens its office in the USA.

PHILIPPINES. Tacloban. 2013. Cyclone Haiyan. © Martin Bandžák / MAGNA


Civil war in South Sudan, with hundreds of thousands of refugees, and MAGNA responds to the catastrophe, providing those resettling in refugee camps with medical assistance.


Earthquake in Nepal: MAGNA responds to a series of earthquakes, providing medical and material assistance in three temporarily established health centres in the Sindupalchowk area.

Refugee crisis: on the borders of Hungary, Croatia and Serbia, MAGNA positions dozens of health professionals, who provide medical, psychosocial, and material assistance to people who have taken flight. We became the official provider of medical care in the largest transitional camp near Opatovac in Croatia.

NEPAL. Sindupalchowk. 2015. ©Martin Bandžák/MAGNA


Syrian crisis: the war in Syria drives millions into surrounding countries, and MAGNA sends its teams to Lebanon and provides medical assistance in besieged territories directly in Syria.

LEBANON. Beqaa. 2017. Refugees from Syria. © Martin Bandžák / MAGNA


MAGNA sends its teams to Iraq, and we continue to provide medical assistance in besieged territories directly in Syria and Lebanon.

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