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31. 12. 2015

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The year 2015 brought for MAGNA a few challenges and for our field workers and workers in our headquarters it was a very hard year. In January we finished our 16 months mission in by typhoon destroyed Philippines, where we handed over the local community two newly built and equipped health centres.

In April we immediately responded to the biggest natural disaster of the year – earthquake in Nepal. Thanks to more than 20 000 of you who contributed, we provided to children and their families urgent health, psychosocial and material aid. More than 60 MAGNA workers provided aid in demanding logistics conditions into remote areas every day.

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, where we have been fighting already for 5 years against sexual violence and to victims we have been providing health and psychosocial aid, we broaden our aid into 8 hospitals.

We still continue to treat malnourished children in Cambodia and in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Thousands of them have now access to therapeutic food and we teach them how to eat correctly.

Our 13 years old fight against HIV/AIDS in Cambodia is now focused mainly on adolescents who are currently the most vulnerable group.

Since September 2015 we actively help and treat children and their families on the run. Hungary, Serbia, Croatia – hundreds thousands of refugees crossed these countries to Europe in order to reach feedom and a quality life. MAGNA health workers are from the first days in the first line. Until now we have treated more than 30 thousands of these people. We are in the field every day, every night – 24 hours per day we provide aid to the most vulnerable ones – to children and women.

In the field we have more than 500 workers. Always there, where it is the most needed. Today and every next day in the year 2016.

We treat thanks to you. Here and now.



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