Whether you contribute a one-time donation or decide to help on a monthly basis, you play an invaluable role in providing every child with access to quality healthcare.


If you choose to donate, you will join our efforts to help a child realize its full potential. We make sure that children and their families have access to quality healthcare, are safe and healthy. We provide them with timely medical assistance so they can grow, learn and be who they want to be.

If you choose to help regularly, you can change or suspend your monthly donation any time at your free will. No matter the donation amount, your regular support is irreplaceable for the treatment of children in MAGNA hospitals. Thanks to you, we are able to respond to any emergency or crisis and prevent large-scale consequences.

MAGNA intervention in 2018

  • 202 000 outpatient consultations
  • 5 725 severely malnourished children in nutrition programs
  • 2 570 assisted births (including C-sections)
  • 1 034 hospitalized pediatric patients
  • 1 750 children treated in HIV/AIDS programs


It's simple. You decide to donate and send your contribution to one of our accounts listed above on a one-time or monthly basis. Subsequently, MAGNA will use your donation at one of its hospitals in Africa, Asia or the Middle East, based on which currently needs it most.

At the same time, we are regularly sending out our newsletter titled "News from the Field", which is full of photos and stories from our hospitals around the world. Every month you will be informed where, to whom and how your donations help.


MAGNA presents a book that can save lives. If you buy it. Siempre, the book of original photographs by Martin Bandžák is a testimony and a memorial to almost ten years of his returns to the Subtiava community in a remote part of Nicaragua where MAGNA provided free medical aid. By purchasing this book you can save the life of one child by providing 100 pieces of high-calorie peanut pastes which cure severe malnutrition. You can find the book at www.siempre-book.org

Every year your donations cover thousands of treatments and vaccinations.

How are your donations used?
medical projects

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