Mobilize your employees

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Do you want to put your philanthropy at the service of high-impact humanitarian actions? Do you want to achieve your social responsibility goals? Discover the solutions offered by MAGNA to join our fight for access to healthcare for everyone at home and around the world.


Together with us, you will involve your company in improving access to healthcare worldwide. By building a partnership with MAGNA based on trust, efficiency and transparency, you will increase the impact of your business.

Why mobilize your employees?

Regardless of your partnership project with MAGNA, you will enable your employees to offer help for better access to healthcare for the most vulnerable.

By uniting your employees, you encourage team spirit. You will give them the opportunity to participate together in concrete, highly effective and life-saving humanitarian operations.

By participating in a joint project, you will make your employees proud that they belong to a responsible and committed company. They will know exactly who, where and how they help.

NICARAGUA. Mobile clinic. Copyright Martin Bandžák/MAGNA

Lots of opportunities to get involved

Organize a solidarity challenge

On the occasion of the race, donate MAGNA for every step or km walked. You can also support the physical activity of your employees by rewarding them for the number of steps they take each day.

Suggest a gift in the form of a salary or bonus

Your employees can decide to donate a few euros or cents to the MAGNA team every month, which will be deducted directly from their salary. A painless gesture that allows MAGNA teams to treat the most vulnerable.

Opt for rounding at the cafe

Does your company have a canteen, buffet or cafeteria and hundreds of meals are distributed there every day? Suggest to your staff that they round up the price of the meal. A small gift that will help others to save more lives.

Our areas of interventions

Children’s health

Violence against women

Hunger and malnutrition

Innovations in healthcare

Other ways to get involved

Do you have further questions?

Call +421 907 863 612 or send an email to and we will be happy to help.