Humanitarian aid from Slovakia is directed towards 3 Syrian hospitals where organisation MAGNA currently operates

14. 12. 2016

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BRATISLAVA, 14 December 2016 – Humanitarian aid from Slovakia is directed especially towards use in hospitals, and sadly the most missing during the current conflict in Syria are the lifesaving tools – medical equipment and material for urgent care. The Slovak humanitarian aid includes anesthesiological and resuscitation equipment, medications and other basic medical tools, folding beds, blankets, etc… MAGNA is working on ensuring distribution of these, and since the situation in Syria is urgent, time is of essence here.  

“Currently, the situation is somewhat chaotic here. Last night the massacres and bombarding in the eastern part of Aleppo paused but the ceasefire has been violated since this afternoon. Locals don’t have any access to a safe drinking water, food or medical care. Our reports say that approximately 700 individuals have been seriously injured and need medical attention immediately. And the planned evacuation hasn’t started yet”, comments on the situation the operational director of MAGNA.                                

We identified 6 hospitals to which the injured people from Aleppo will be transferred to when the promised evacuation takes place. We estimate that as much as 50 thousand people will be evacuated. Magna is already treating people at 3 of the hospitals and at these will direct the humanitarian convoy from Slovakia. 

“All hospitals we operate at are located in the area where the refugees from Aleppo are migrating to. The mentioned hospitals are: Bab Al-Hawa Hospital (35km from Turkey/Syria border), Atareb Hospital (approximately 1 hour from Aleppo), Agrabat Hospital (cca half an hour from Aleppo, closer to Idleb). We appreciate the participation of Slovak Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Slovak Ministry of  Interior, as well as other partners and providers such as Chirana Medical a.s., Pharma Group a.s., Unimed Pharma s.r.o. a Hartmann Rico a.s  that provided us with the humanitarian material“, adds Denisa Augustínová.

MAGNA initiated operations in Syria in April 2016, after the Balkan access road closure. Thanks to MAGNA’s projects with mobile and resident health services in the area, the access to both basic and urgent care has improved substantially, including in the areas of traumatology, surgery, reproductive health and special psychosocial care. Important part of the operations is also continuous education and support of MAGNA’s personnel that is remaining in Syria. Magna ensures proper functioning of local hospitals, their supply of medical tools and devices, including lab and blood bank equipment, and supplies them with the necessary medications. 


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