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We are where we are most needed. We have more than 500 workers in the field saving children's lives in areas of major humanitarian disasters such as Congo, Syria and South Sudan. Find out more about our work in the countries where we operate.

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Thanks to its equatorial location, Kenya has always attracted thousands of tourists who come here to discover the 'beauty of Africa'.

Country Facts

  • Population: 45 million
  • In December 2007, more than 1,000 people died in post-election ethnic riots, and 600,000 people were forced to leave their homes.

MAGNA Intervention

MAGNA concluded all its activities to assist those with HIV/AIDS and victims of famine and confict in 2013.

  • Opening of Kenya mission: 2007
  • Areas of intervention: Nyanza province, Msambweni, and Garissa

Overview of the Crisis in Kenya

Kenya has been carrying on its fight against HIV/AIDS for many years; millions of people have been infected. At the same time, violence between local ethnic groups plagued the country following disputed elections in 2007.

Why we are in Kenya

  • Mother-and-child health
  • Malnutrition
  • Infectious disease

Our Kenya intervention

In February 2013 we concluded our activities in support of those with HIV/AIDS malnutrition and victims of conflicts.

Our activities included distributing material aid, operating HIV/AIDS programs and nutrition centres, and constructing hospital facilities.

  • We provided comprehensive treatment to 4,000 HIV/AIDS patients in the Kombewa and Nyahera hospitals in the Nyanza province.
  • We provided comprehensive treatment to 3,000 HIV/AIDS patients in the Msambweni hospital and three health clinics in the coastal region close to the Tanzanian border.
  • We built an HIV/AIDS centre in the Nyahera hospital in the Nyanza province.
  • We treated some 14,000 children and women in nine nutrition centres in the Garissa region at a time of famine and refugee crisis in neighbouring Somalia.
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