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We are where we are most needed. We have more than 500 workers in the field saving children's lives in areas of major humanitarian disasters such as Congo, Syria and South Sudan. Find out more about our work in the countries where we operate.

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South Sudan

In July 2011, South Sudan became the youngest country in the world after gaining independence from Sudan. The 2005 Peace Agreement, which led to the emergence of South Sudan, put an end to Africa's longest civil war. However, in December 2015, a country with more than 12 million inhabitants was in chaos again. The civil war broke out in the midst of a power struggle between the president and his deputy.

Country Facts

  • Population: 12.23 million
  • People internally displaced by the crisis: 2 million
  • Rank in the Human Development Index: 169 of 188


MAGNA Intervention

  • Opening of mission in South Sudan:  2011
  • Areas of intervention: Middle Equatoria, Jonglei
  • Number of staff in the field: XX


Overviews of the Crisis in South Sudan

The humanitarian situation in South Sudan, severely tested by the civil war, was critical in 2018 and more than 7 million people needed humanitarian aid. It is estimated that nearly 6.1 million people in South Sudan, approximately 59% of the total population, were in severe food insecurity in 2018 (phases IPC 3, IPC 4 and IPC 5). The country's health system, which was established in 2011, is almost totally dysfunctioning due to the long-lasting civil war and the lack of infrastructure. The country is completely dependent on international humanitarian aid. More than three-quarters of healthcare facilities are operated by foreign NGOs, and only about one fifth of all healthcare facilities in the country are fully operational.


How is MAGNA helping in South Sudan?

In 2018 MAGNA successfully implemented projects  in South Sudan aimed at maternal health, reproductive health, nutrition and vaccination. In the Duk Pagaak area of Duk County, Jonglei, we have set up a stabilization center, primary health care center and a mobile unit. MAGNA is a major humanitarian actor in health and nutrition services throughout the region. We have successfully vaccinated tens of thousands of internally displaced people in various camps at the POC UN HOUSE camp in the capital Juba.


Activity Report 2018

Every year your donations cover thousands of treatments and vaccinations.

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