Mother and Child Health

We help children live past five

It is estimated that 99% of women who die giving birth or from pregnancy complications live in developing countries. Most of these deaths are preventable.

To reduce the number of women who die giving birth, MAGNA improves maternal care by introducing professional assistance models in healthcare facilities. We provide training for traditional midwives, support for midwives in the community, and access to health care for women before, during, and after pregnancy.

We help children live to reach their fifth birthday – with better medical care, a better health infrastructure, vaccination programs, and breastfeeding support.

Most maternal deaths occur immediately before, during, or after birth.

Early access to qualified professionals may be a matter of life and death for women experiencing complications during childbirth. In addition to emergency obstetric and neonatal care, we also provide pre-natal and postnatal care and contraceptive services. We introduce mobile services in combination with systems to identify women with complications, and where necessary transfer them to a facility or hospital for appropriate care.

The models used by MAGNA to manage maternal mortality and illness take into account all aspects of reproductive health.

Women are recommended to attend several visits, covering health care needs during pregnancy and identifying potentially complicated births. As part of postpartum care, family planning advice and information and education on sexually transmitted diseases are provided. MAGNA combines the diagnosis and effective treatment of sexually transmitted diseases with information sessions that include information on the availability of HIV testing and the use of condoms. In pre-natal consultations, we pay special attention to sexually transmitted diseases, family planning, and care for rape victims.

Every year your donations cover thousands of treatments and vaccinations.

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