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Your help in Nepal is more than necessary

Martin Bandžák reports from Nepal: "So far, there are 20,000 individuals, companies and foundations who reacted to our appeal to help Nepal. We are here in Nepal thanks to you."

Nepal: Rescue activities in remote districts – help heading to 900 families

For the last few days, MAGNA and its unit of medical and psychosocial aid have been settling in the Sindhupalchowk district. Our team is providing specialized assistance to more than 900 families whose situation is now very critical.

The earth in Nepal was shaking again

Two weeks after the devastating earthquake killed more than 8,000 people, Nepal was struck again with magnitude 7.3 quakes again. The epicenter was 18 km southeast of Kodari, near the base camp on Mt. Everest at a depth of 18 kilometres. Team members of the Slovak humanitarian organization MAGNA Children at risk (MAGNA) providing aid directly in the field are all safe. In this new situation, help from Slovakia is even more important.

Nepal, 11 days after the earthquake

Kathmandu is half empty today. A lot of people left back to their places of origin after the disaster stroke. To the places they left for Kathmandu years ago.

MAGNA is already sending its team to Nepal: We will be providing acute medical and psychosocial aid

According to the official information, Saturday´s earthquake with a magnitude of 7.8 and epicenter in the west of Kathmandu took more than 2,000 lives. Within less than 24 hours immediately after the disaster, MAGNA is already sending its team to Nepal. The team will be providing emergency medical and psychosocial aid.

Philippines: MAGNA has provided aid to more than 80,000 victims of typhoon Hayian

In November 2013, 14-year-old Joshua went to a several day school trip. When he came back home, his worst nighmtare was awaiting him: his home was in ruins, his parents, grandparents and all his siblings were dead.

South Sudan: 1.5 million people already have the status of a refugee

Since the conflict erupted in December 2013, 1.5 million South Sudanese have already got the status of a „refugee”. The situation in the country is not getting any better. The number of migrants looking for safety in refugee camps increases every day.

“There is not a day without shooting,” says MAGNA vaccinator in South Sudan.

“In South Sudan, not a single day passes without shooting. And that bullet is not fired into an empty space, it hits somebody – it hits a person.”, starts his story Riek, a local field worker of Magna Children at Risk working in refugee camp in Juba.

Myanmar: Every fourth child suffers from malnutrition

Myanmar (also called Burma) is currently considered one of the poorest countries in Asia, where 2.5 million (35%) children under the age of 5 suffer from stunting as a result of long-term malnutrition.

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