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MAGNA has been providing aid in crisis areas of the world for 15 years. How did our work look in numbers during 2016? Why is the help we give on the ground every day important?

15.12.2016 | Syria, Campaign

Help Aleppo

You can help the victims of the fighting in Aleppo by sending a €5 SMS to 836 or contribute online.

Humanitarian aid from Slovakia is directed towards 3 Syrian hospitals where organisation MAGNA currently operates

Currently, the situation is somewhat chaotic here. Last night the massacres and bombarding in the eastern part of Aleppo paused but the ceasefire has been violated since this afternoon.

From desperation to a new life

"I am 5 times grandma now," says Denisa Augustinova. Still very young to have grandchildren of her own, the co-founder of MAGNA lives in Cambodia among children with HIV/AIDS.

A girl who survived

Pheap lives in the MAGNA centre for orphans with HIV/AIDS since 2005. She had 5 years and an advanced stage of HIV/AIDS. If she hadn't have received help she would have died.

Cambodia is helping people with HIV/AIDS by using the MAGNA model

Over 36.7 million people in the world suffer from HIV/AIDS. According to the strategy of the World Health Organisation (WHO), the world should defeat the AIDS epidemic by 2030.

DRC: Bea and her daughter, victims of rape, were rejected by their husband and father. MAGNA hospital helped them.

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) was nicknamed the capital of sexual violence. Thousands of women, girls and children face it every single day.

Two thirds of sexual violence victims in Congo are under the age of 18. MAGNA helps hundreds of them every week.

Sexual violence is often an accompaniment in countries that have been hit by a humanitarian catastrophe or war. MAGNA offers systematic help to victims of sexual violence since 2011.

MAGNA: Treating malnutrition is often complicated by prejudice against „western“ medicine

MUDr. Eva Vitáriušová cooperates with MAGNA on setting up medical standards and she helps directly in the field on projects in Asia, Africa and Europe.

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