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DR Congo: MAGNA helps the newborns with low birth weight to survive

Premature babies with low birth weight have in DR Congo little chance to survive. MAGNA assists in safe baby delivery and motivates mothers to breast feeding.

MAGNA supplies health centres and mobile clinic with medicines

The worsened safety situation complicates the humanitarian aid delivery, because people are afraid to go out to streets.

Meningitis is deadly disease in South Sudan. MAGNA saves the children by vaccination.

In South Sudan in camp of internally displaced people in Juba MAGNA has vaccinated children and young people against meningitis in March 2016 with 97% coverage.

First year after earthquake in Nepal: We helped to restore medical aid and life of local communities

Today we commemorate first year after devastating earthquake in Nepal. On 25th April, one year ago, Nepal was hit by earthquake of magnitude 7.8, just northwest of Kathmandu.

South Sudan: Bacteria of tetani endangers mothers and newborns. MAGNA ensures vaccination and thus saves lives

Bacteria tetani is one of the reason why many newborns die in South Sudan. MAGNA delivers complete vaccination to children, pregnant mothers and women in childbearing age.

Cambodia: Children from MAGNA HIV/AIDS program become parents. They have healthy children.

MAGNA in Cambodia treats HIV/AIDS children since 2002. First children from the program are growing up to adulthood and lead fulfilling life with their own family.

South Sudan: MAGNA opened a new maternity ward, mothers have a chance to safely deliver healthy babies

Despite the conflict escallation and difficult situation in South Sudan MAGNA has opened new maternity ward in Terekeka county.

„The anesthesia in Syria is being done by lower sanitary workes pursuing instructions,“ says Martin Bandžák.

MAGNA founders have returned from field mapping in countries bordering with Syria. MAGNA is preparing mission directly in Syria and surrounding countries.

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