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19.2.2016 | News

Maria, giving birth for the first time, managed a complicated childbirth. Thanks to MAGNA community health workers.

DR Kongo, Kinshasa, 2015 | Training for mothers and children in MAGNA health center Camp Luka. Copyright by Denisa Augustínová/MAGNA

Maria is 19 years old and lives in the capital city of DR Congo, Kinshasa. She is a single mother and sells vegetables to earn money for her living. Today she has a healthy little boy and regularly visits a newly opened MAGNA health centre in Camp Luka.

Maria has met community health worker not until 8th month of pregnancy. She didn’t get any medical checkup during the whole pregnancy. She had no money and nobody in her surrounding had given her information about the importance of medical checkups and childbirth preparation. Fortunately, Maria came for her first medical examination before childbearing thanks to recommendation of MAGNA health worker. Thanks to MAGNA support, she managed a complicated childbirth. Maria, new mother, still stays in touch with MAGNA health workers and continues in sessions about child care, nutrition and parentage.

DRC´s heath indicators are among the worst in the world. Due to the extreme poverty, limited basic services and constrained access to health care, maternal and child mortality rates remain high.

From August 2015 MAGNA has started a new project in Camp Luka area of Kinshasa. The objective of the project is to improve health status of mothers and children under 2 years and to decrease mortality of mothers and their babies. MAGNA provides trainings and daily technical assistance to local health workers operating in communities and in 3 health centres. The trainings support local medical workers in information and education sessions. The community health workers visit mothers with children and teach basic principles of child care, maternity and cooking from local ingredients.

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How does MAGNA help in Ukraine

The bombing and shelling have been escalating since the beginning of the Russian invasion in Ukraine on 24 February – Russian soldiers target civilians, residential buildings, hospitals, and fundamental infrastructure.

In Ukraine we started to distribute medical aid

MAGNA has started distributing medicines and medical supplies from its warehouses in Ukraine. The first material is delivered to medical centers and medics in the area northwest of the capital Kyiv, which is experiencing heavy fighting and many civilians suffered injuries.

We know the cure, but even so, a child dies from malaria every two minutes

Malaria is a deadly disease that threatens half of the world's population. It is caused by a parasite transmitted by Anopheles mosquitoes. Even though we know the cure for malaria, every year more than 200 million people get infected by it, and this number has not been reduced in recent years. That is why MAGNA treats malaria in all its medical missions, especially in African countries.

The war in Syria is one of the greatest disasters in our history. It has been going on for 10 years.

"The war in Syria is one of the biggest disasters in history," MAGNA operations director Denisa Augustínová told DVTV, a Czech internet television, more than four years ago. At that time, for several days and nights, she helped coordinate teams to evacuate hundreds of children, the wounded and the sick, from eastern Aleppo. More than 40,000 people were hiding in the besieged part of the city. For half a year, they lived in the midst of fighting without food, drinking water or medical care.

Every year your donations cover thousands of treatments and vaccinations.

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