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Your help will allow us to intervene quickly wherever it's most needed. Whether it's a conflict or a natural disaster, it's always children who suffer most. Their needs are great, but so is our commitment to helping them. We're here for them. We treat their injuries and illnesses, and help them start living again.

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Whether yours is a one-time donation or you decide to help on a monthly basis, you’re playing an invaluable role in providing every child with access to quality healthcare.

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Donor FAQ

Can MAGNA really be trusted?

The medical humanitarian organization MAGNA was established in 2001 in Slovakia in order to provide health and social assistance to children and their families in need. Since 2002, we have created and still run dozens of health and social projects to help children and their families in need. Our activities are respected and appreciated internationally as well. It is best to see for yourself. Try sending a minimum of 3 Euros, and we’ll send you a message on how and whom your money is helping directly in the field. You’ll also hear the story of the recipients of your assistance, people we have helped thanks to you.

How are MAGNA projects financed?

MAGNA regards transparency and efficiency, in implementing its activities and in managing funds, to be the most important principles in its work. Since its origins, MAGNA has cut administrative and fundraising costs to the minimum possible amount. Every year MAGNA undergoes an independent financial audit in Slovakia. We obtain most financial and material resources for our activities from individual and corporate donors. We also work with various foundations on our projects, and some projects are funded in cooperation with the UN. Donors who contribute and support our activities financially receive regular reports on how their funds are spent.

How are MAGNA projects managed?

Each MAGNA project has its own detailed budget, which we review regularly over each year. Project managers monitor project budgets throughout the year, ensuring that all operations are carried out responsibly and in accordance with project objectives. All budgets are controlled and subject to approval by the MAGNA Board of Directors. The implementation of humanitarian projects is the responsibility of the MAGNA Operations Department in Slovakia. Every year MAGNA undergoes an independent financial audit in Slovakia. For the transparency of our donors around the world, we combine the accounts of all our offices internationally. The result is a thorough and transparent picture showing the full scope of our activities.

How are MAGNA projects chosen and implemented?

Providing health and social assistance to victims of conflicts and crises is MAGNA’s top priority. Suffering from infectious diseases neglected by local governments is another major area of ​​MAGNA's program focus. We aim to provide adequate treatment and care to people affected by diseases such as HIV/AIDS, malaria, cholera, and others. MAGNA also responds to the needs of people excluded from access to basic health services, and assists disaster victims. MAGNA's decision to intervene in times of crisis is based solely on our independent assessment and people’s needs, never on political, economic, or religious interests. Projects are characterized in detail before they launch, and are evaluated throughout their duration. Clearly defined quantitative as well as qualitative targets are revised as necessary. It is only these clearly defined needs that determine the duration of our intervention, which are defined and then reviewed during the mission. We assess projects and needs on an ongoing basis using a standardized data collection system and ongoing studies. MAGNA is committed to ensuring that aid actually reaches those for whom it was intended. For this reason, we insist our field workers receive access to health care facilities, communicate with people on the spot, and can therefore independently assess the need for assistance. MAGNA implements and operates its projects on its own. In rare cases, we may also provide financial support to other humanitarian organizations, community groups, or healthcare facilities with which we’re working in a particular area.

What are our principles for using your contributions?

Please keep in mind that MAGNA uses part of the private donations received, including those raised for specific projects, for fundraising and administrative costs; however, we always strive to keep these costs to a minimum, with at least 80% of your donations being allocated to projects in the field. If we are unable to use your donation in accordance with your wishes (for example, if the project is closed, or donations exceed the needs for a particular project), we will contact you to discuss further use of your donation to help people in need. MAGNA will never prolong an intervention for the sole purpose of using up the funds allocated for a specific project. Between 2003 and 2018, MAGNA used at least 90% of all funding received directly for humanitarian projects.

Will I, as a donor, have the opportunity to decide who exactly will receive my contribution?

Through our reports and publications, we inform donors about our activities and the situations we’re in, and we firmly believe your confidence in us will be highest when we distribute your general contributions to give help where it’s most needed. However, if you decide to dedicate your contribution to supporting MAGNA projects in a particular area, we will respect your choice. In this case, the donor has the opportunity to contact our fundraising department and agree on how to use his contribution. You can find out about how your contribution is being used every month in our newsletter.

How much do people usually contribute?

The minimum amount for a one-time or regular donation is 3 Euros. The maximum amount is unlimited, and depends solely on your decision and your financial possibilities. We honour and value each donor equally, regardless of the amount donated.

Will I get to know the project, children, and families I help? What, how, and where can I learn about them?

Every donor receives messages about who, where, and how he or she is helping. Through the latest reports, short videos, and stories from MAGNA hospitals published on our website, you can learn about the current situation wherever MAGNA health care professionals are providing help.

How else can I help besides sending money?

In addition to one-time gifts and regular donations, you can also help us by talking about what MAGNA workers are doing among your friends and acquaintances. If you want to help us find new donors, write us and we’ll send you information material you can distribute. We believe that good people certainly know many other good people in their community or neighbourhood. Contact us at kancelaria@magna.org.

Every year your donations cover thousands of treatments and vaccinations.

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