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18.3.2020 | News

MAGNA helps in the fight against coronavirus in Slovakia and in its projects around the world

BRATISLAVA (March 18, 2020) - The humanitarian organization MAGNA provided almost 1,200 special protective masks for the staff of the Children's Clinic of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Medicine of the National Institute of Pediatric Diseases in Bratislava. Protective means for the prevention of coronavirus infection have been set aside from its supplies for emergency situations in its projects abroad, while the organization will provide the National Institute also with a specialized medical tent used in emergency situations. It is planned to be used to classify patients before entering the hospital.

“In recent days, we have talked with several Slovak healthcare professionals about their situation and onslaught, which they have to cope with due to the coronavirus epidemic these days, often with limited possibilities to protect themselves. That's why MAGNA decided to help them. Health professionals have to help each other whether they work in Kramare or in remote areas in Lebanon or South Sudan,” says MAGNA Operations Director Denisa Augustínová

“As a humanitarian organization, the majority of which are medical staff, we are aware of the difficult situation of Slovak medical professionals, who often lack important protective equipment. Therefore, we decided to help and donate special protective masks to the staff of the ward saving the lives of pediatric patients in the most serious conditions, including patients with coronavirus, who come here from all over Slovakia. From our experience abroad, we know that healthcare professionals will be able to intervene effectively even in the event of a culminating epidemic only if they can adequately protect themselves during its duration,” says MAGNA Director Martin Bandžák.

During its existence, MAGNA has helped during many epidemics of various diseases in countries affected by humanitarian crisis. Whether it was cholera in Haiti, Ebola or the latest measles epidemic in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The masks provided can be used by the staff during the 24-hour service, and each mask should perform its protective function for ten days even in these conditions.

“Just like doctors here in Slovakia, MAGNA healthcare professionals do not leave their patients and do not shut themselves up at home. We are treating patients and helping, while preparing for the possibility that the coronavirus will strike at full force in the refugee camps full of Syrians who have fled to Lebanon before the war, or in our other projects in war-torn Iraq, Syria, or difficult regions of the Democratic Republic of Congo, in South Sudan, which is on the edge of famine, or with our childhood HIV patients in Cambodia. We cannot imagine the consequences of a pandemic in these countries where healthcare is limited, destroyed or almost nonexistent,” adds MAGNA operations director Denisa Augustínová.

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21.4.2020 | COVID-19, In Media

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