Operational Finances Controller

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All positions are promote in English, the working language in MAGNA.

Position: Operational Finances Controller
Base: HQ (remote work)
Start: September 2024

MAGNA is a private, non-profit, international humanitarian organization whose objective is to provide medical aid to populations in crisis. MAGNA organizes humanitarian medical projects to help people in need, whether through poverty, disease, war, or ecological disaster and regardless of ethnicity, religion or nationality. MAGNA is independent of all states and institutions, as well as of all political, economic or religious influences. 

MAGNA recruits medical and non-medical personnel, collects private and institutional funds and raises awareness among the public about populations in danger. Using a small but highly committed group of staff and volunteers, MAGNA has achieved respectable results. MAGNA for over 20 years has focused on providing medical care (primary, secondary, nutrition, sexual violence, HIV/AIDS and other infectious diseases) in countries such as South Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Ukraine and Cambodia among others.

The operations are implemented by field teams and the mission coordination teams; together with the operational unit based in Bratislava and decentralized around the world.


The Operational Finances Controller will be in charge of following up and giving technical support to finance related issues and management of the field projects. He/she will be responsible for applying and promoting the policies and regulations established by the Finance Department of MAGNA and for guaranteeing the quality of the programs. He/she will also have to ensure that the MAGNA humanitarian principles and finance ethics throughout all implementing stages within the projects are respected.

Objectives of the position

  • Responsible for the quality and availability of financial/technical support to project countries on financial management, internal control, donor funding  and risk management policies and their implementation. 
  • As a member of the Operations Support Team, actively collaborates with other members and acts as liaison between Operations and Finance Department in HQ ensuring quality Finance advice and an efficient flow of information between the two departments.
  • Functionally line manages Finance Coordinators and/or Finance Managers in the field missions and participates in their performance evaluations; provides coaching, training, guidance and technical leadership.  
  • Responsible for monitoring and controlling operational budgets of missions and analysing project financial performance on a regular basis.
  • Responsible for organising a cash flow plan and analysis with missions, to ensure availability of sufficient liquidity levels in missions to meet operational needs, and for reviewing and validating money requests and mission-related HQ payments.

Responsibilities and Activities

  • Responsible for timely and high quality analysis of budgets in line with MAGNA governance structure and advises missions and Operations desk on corrective actions;
  • Supervises the development and implementation of mission-specific finance policies,  procedures and tools, ensuring alignment with operational needs, local contexts and MAGNA standard policies and procedures, and gives technical validation;
  • Advises and provides mission-specific support on the organization and set-up of the finance team in missions;
  • Guides Operation Coordinators and other OST members on financial processes, planning, and risk management; provides financial analysis relevant for Operational decision making; ensuring quality financial advice and an efficient flow of information between Operations and the Finance Department;
  • Provides coaching and training to Financial Coordinators/Managers in their role as financial managers within the set-up of the missions;
  • Responsible to plan and conduct field visit and reports on recommendations to missions’ Country Management Team and Operations Coordinators and support team at HQ;
  • Plans and organises cash flow planning and analysis to ensure missions maintain sufficient liquidity levels to meet operational needs while minimizing associated security risk, advises and guides on local fund transfer methods.
  • Ensures a high quality of Balance Specifications reports by conducting regular checks on balance sheet accounts and giving advice and recommendations;
  • Ensures the annual financial closure procedures are properly implemented in the missions. Provides support during HQ and Mission/Projects audits in preparing the required financial overviews, reports, and documentation.
  • Responsible for the integrity of financial proposals and reports. Provides mission-specific support and advice on donor reports, local audits, taxation, and local reporting, and proactively monitors  mission-specific compliance issues;
  • Ensures implementation of financial internal control mechanisms in missions. Monitors that inventory of all financial risks in mission is conducted, analysed and actioned and completes a financial health check during field visits; supports the internal audit process, and supervises the implementation of corrective actions;


  • Higher qualification in Finance or Business Administration
  • Experienced Financial Coordinator positions in the field
  • Active knowledge of accounting and financial management
  • Excellent communication skills in English (written and oral) is essential and fluency in French is preferred 
  • Experience/knowledgeable in donor management (financial proposals and reports) would be an asset   
  • Willing and able to challenge operational decision making
  • Willingness and availability to travel to the field on a regular basis
  • Competencies: Analytical thinking, problem analysis, advisory skills, service oriented

Your pay & benefits


Fixed-term contract with a remuneration of super gross €3,012 per month. Staff Member is responsible for determining whether his/her are required to file and pay income taxes in his/her home country, or current country of residence.


  • 25 working days of paid leave for a year.
  • Possibility to work remotely from home.

Field Trips

The position requires field trips during which MAGNA provides:

  • Transport to/from the field projects
  • Per Diems
  • Accommodation in the field
  • Insurance

Before submitting your online application, please ensure that your professional profile meets MAGNA’s field requirements. Some criteria – including required availability – may differ between profiles.

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