Ways to give

Major part of MAGNA’s funds come from people like you. Whatever your donation is, by supporting the MAGNA teams you’ll be making a real difference and knowing that someone, somewhere, is getting the life-saving help they need right now.

Donate online

Not everyone can treat patients in the field. But everyone can be a part of it. We need your support to continue this life-saving work.

Ways to give

You can read about the many ways to donate below, or fill out our donation form to make a one-time or monthly donation.


Our Emergency Fund

By donating to the our Emergency Fund, you enable our teams in the field to act immediately. Thanks to you, we will deploy emergency aid in response to major crises.

Heal the Child

Virtual e-shop Heal the Child where you will find real items that MAGNA teams use to provide healthcare in hospitals around the world.

MAGNA partner

Become our partner and you will be even closer to saving lives together with us.

Feed A Child

With a portion of food for just €0.40 and a few clicks on your phone or computer, you can feed a starving child.

Become our donor. Donate monthly.

You will help save even more lives. Start today.

Donate Online

Donate via Bank

You can also send us your contributions without any previous registration to one of the following bank accounts.

Your impact

As a regular donor, you play an important role in our work. Thanks to you, we are ready to save lives in the shortest possible time.

Companies and foundations

The sustainability of our projects that MAGNA teams have been able to implement would not have been possible without the collaboration with companies and foundations.

Your support helps us provide life-saving care, medical supplies and support to local hospitals over the long term.

Popular ways to give

Donate online

Support our lifesaving medical care.

Give monthly

Donate every month to save more lives.

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Frequently asked Questions

Do I have to register on the site if I want to donate?

With your short registration, you will create a personal profile on the site, your information will be stored securely and you will have an overview of the history of your payments to the MAGNA organization. We will also inform you about where, whom and how you help.

If you want to donate without registration, use the option of bank transfer directly to our donation account. Please keep in mind that in the case of an anonymous donation, we have no contact with you and therefore cannot inform you about where, whom and how you are helping.

When will I receive confirmation of my donation?

You can get the confirmation at any time upon request – it contains the total donated amount for the entire past year and then lists the individual amounts.

Contact us at dar@magna.org

When will I receive confirmation of my payment?

See the following list for when you will receive confirmation of your payment:

  • Online donation: You will receive an email confirmation within an hour of sending your donation.

If you have not received an acknowledgment within the above timeframes, please contact our Donor Services team.

How can I contact MAGNA?

To contact us, please see the following information:

Our office is located at:

Panská 13, 811 01 Bratislava

Please visit our website for further assistance. Contact us by email at dar@magna.org or call our Donor Services team at +421 917 827 827 daily from 9am to 5pm.

Is MAGNA a non-profit organization?

MAGNA is a humanitarian health organization that was founded in Slovakia in 2001 to provide health and social assistance to children and their families in need.

Since then, we have created and are still running dozens of health and social projects to help children and their families in need. Our activity is respected and appreciated on an international scale as well.

What percentage of donations does MAGNA use for the program?

95 cents of every euro support our programs.

Since 2001, MAGNA has maintained allocating more than 90 percent of its expenditure to its program activities. We strive to minimize fundraising and administrative costs, in which just 3 percent is spent on fundraising costs, and 2 percent on management.

Can I donate material aid to MAGNA?

We are grateful that you have considered MAGNA for your donation of medical equipment, drugs, food, or other materials for our operations, however, we are able to accept these donations only under specific conditions.

Please contact us on komunikacia@magna.org to specify all details.

Can I direct my donation to a specific area/project?

Yes, you can earmark your donation toward a specific program or country that we are working in; however, we ask that you consider contributing unrestricted funds so we can allocate our resources more efficiently where needs are the greatest. Our ability to provide rapid and targeted medical care to emergencies would not have been possible without the ongoing general support from our donors.

If you wish to restrict your donation, please send an email to dar@magna.org  stating which country or program you would like the funds directed. In your email, please include your name, full address, and the amount of your donation to ensure your gift is redirected for your desired operation.

If we are unable to earmark your donation to your desired country or operation, we will contact you further to discuss other options.

We thank you for your continued support to MAGNA and our operations.

Donation service

Thank you for supporting the MAGNA organization.

If you can’t find the information you need below, please see our FAQ or contact us at +421 917 827 827 or by email at dar@magna.org.

How do we use the funds?