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MAGNA depends on the commitment, dedication and hard work of those involved in project outcomes, both in the field and in the office. Whether you are an expert in healthcare, finance, logistics or any other field, you will be part of our common mission. Here you can apply either for a specific advertised position or for entry into our international database of humanitarian workers.

Our urgent needs in the field

MAGNA’s key priority is to keep our long-term health programs running for the thousands of patients we help treat while being able to respond to life-threatening emergencies around the world, with a greater emphasis on countries with unstable situations or weak health systems.

Immediate offers

Current available localized positions for specific missions.

Operational Finances Controller (HQ)

The Operational Finances Controller will be in charge of following up and giving technical support to finance related issues and management of the field projects..

Start: September 2024


Project Coordinator in DR Congo

Coordinate the programme(s) in the field, liaise between the team in the capital and the field team, supervise and represent MAGNA to local contacts.

Base: DR Congo
Start: ASAP


Our Commitments to Conduct

The integrity of our organization is supported by the good conduct of every individual employee in any location with full respect for the communities we serve. For us, this means not tolerating any behavior by our employees that exploits the vulnerability of others or employees who use their position for personal gain. We do not tolerate any physical or psychological abuse of individuals, sexual harassment, sexual relations with minors or any behavior that does not respect human dignity.

MAGNA promotes a work environment free of harassment and abuse. We are clearly committed to fighting abuse and strengthening mechanisms and procedures for its prevention and resolution.

MAGNA field operations

Each year, more than 20 international staff go on projects in the field, joining almost 500 local workers in our missions. MAGNA teams remain strictly neutral and impartial during their work in the field and must have complete autonomy in the performance of their duties.

Find a position

MAGNA is looking for qualified medical and non-medical professionals, including coordinators, to work in our field projects.

Career and benefits

Preference will be given to candidates who are committed to a long-term career in humanitarian aid.

We need the knowledge and skills you have

Availability 9 to 12 months

Due to the level of responsibility MAGNA staff are expected to take on, the time required to acclimatise, understand the context and the need for continuity for the benefit of our locally recruited staff and patients, preference will be given to candidates who are committed to a long-term career in humanitarian aid.

Experience from developing countries

Preference is given to those who have experience working in a humanitarian context.
Because MAGNA operates mostly in developing countries and unstable conditions, all applicants are required to have previous low-income work experience. Preference is given to those with experience of working in a humanitarian context and this is a requirement for certain profiles.

Professional experience

At least 2 years of relevant professional experience.
All positions are required to have at least two years of relevant post-graduate professional experience.

Ability to work with a diverse team

Experience as a supervisor, manager or teacher
Most MAGNA aid workers will be in a supervisory or management position in the field and will often spend more time supervising and training others than doing hands-on work. Each applicant at MAGNA is required to have previous experience supervising, managing, teaching and/or training others.

Flexibility and adaptability

Ability to work and live in a diverse team.
The MAGNA team consists of medical and non-medical professionals from different nationalities and cultural backgrounds. It is a challenge to work, live and communicate with individuals whose language or customs are different from yours. Your ability and willingness to engage with this diversity is essential.

Computer skills

All MAGNA support staff write and submit reports, and many are involved in data collection. To apply to MAGNA, you must have basic computer skills and be comfortable using Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel and PowerPoint). Although not required, previous experience using database software is a plus.

Adherence to MAGNA principles

MAGNA operates independently of any political, military or religious agenda, adheres to neutrality and provides impartial care provided solely on the basis of need. Qualified applicants are considered for employment without regard to age, race, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation or disability.

Language skills

Knowledge of the English language is a must for every position. A significant number of MAGNA missions are in Francophone (Francophone) countries, so knowledge of the French language is highly desirable as it allows for more placement opportunities. Fluency is valuable but not essential – a competent level of spoken French is more important. Knowledge of other languages, such as Arabic, is less urgent but can be an advantage.

Work in the headquarter

Some people work at MAGNA headquarters to support our humanitarian health programs around the world.

We currently have no vacancies.

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