Corporate and foundation support

The sustainability of our projects, which the MAGNA teams were able to implement, would not be possible without cooperation with companies and foundations. We depend on our supporters and their financial support, without which our work would simply not be possible.

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Discover the benefits of solidarity marketing.

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Frequently asked Questions

What is sponsorship?

Sponsorship is a non-refundable gift that does not exclude indirect profit, especially media coverage. It can take three forms: financial support, in-kind donation or sponsorship of service provision.

Should the sponsorship relationship be contractual?

A draft sponsorship agreement is required when the company wants to oversee the partnership and ensure its follow-up more effectively. It allows, in particular, to define the financial obligations of the company and the terms of use of the MAGNA name and logo.

What partnerships does MAGNA want to establish with companies?

What partnerships does MAGNA want to establish with companies?

Is there a minimum donation to enter into partnership with MAGNA?

MAGNA accepts corporate donations regardless of their amount.

Is it possible to allocate a donation to a specific mission or project?

MAGNA collects donations so that it can quickly and independently intervene where the needs are greatest. Under certain conditions and within the framework of strategic cooperation with a partner company or foundation, it is possible to allocate a financial contribution to a specific project.

Does MAGNA accept support from all companies?

As a priority, MAGNA strives to partner with companies that are committed to the process of social responsibility and strive to respect, in particular, human rights, the environment, labor relations and conditions, fair practices, issues related to community and local development, intellectual property rights and management.

Companies and foundations that help us


Orange and the Orange Foundation have been supporting MAGNA’s life-saving activities for a long time. They provide us with 100% revenue from the regular SMS 806, at the same time they finance our operations in DR Congo or currently also in Ukraine.


The Penta Group through its companies Dr. Max and the network of hospitals The world of health and its foundation provide MAGNA teams with drugs and material for the treatment of infectious and other diseases worth 750 thousand euros in 2022 alone.


Bubo and MAGNA have been working together on better access to health for everyone for 20 years. Thanks to Bubo and their clients, we built a hospital to treat infectious patients in Cambodia and they are currently supporting our teams in Ukraine.

Odyssey 44

Martin Kušik with his family and through his company Odyssey 44 has been supporting MAGNA’s activities in the Czech Republic to the value of 1 million euros, which cover the operation of the office and marketing activities for recruiting donors for several years.


O2 supports the MAGNA 806 SMS collection for a long time and donates 100% of the proceeds to our health activities. In times of humanitarian disasters such as Ukraine, it is O2 that significantly supports our teams in the field.


SOS international support our teams in Ukraine and Syria with medical supplies, food and medicines. Our vital cooperation with SOS save lives, where is most needed.


Family Lobkowitz through their foundation support MAGNA medical operation in war affected Ukraine. The generous support help us to save more lives.


Nay responded very quickly to the war in Ukraine and supports our curious teams in the field. At the same time, it provides material equipment for the MAGNA humanitarian center in Bratislava.

Slovak Telekom

Slovak Telekom supports the MAGNA 806 SMS collection for a long time and donates 100% of the proceeds to our health activities. In times of humanitarian disasters such as Ukraine, it is Slovak Telekom and its employees who significantly support our teams in the field.


The company Deploy runs all web services for us, including site creation, free of charge.

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