Humanitarian organization MAGNA launches help to refugees

02. 09. 2015

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Bratislava, September 2, 2015– The Slovak humanitarian organization Magna Children at risk (MAGNA) will assist refugees so far in Austria and Hungary. In the coming days it will begin distributing hygiene kits not only in refugee camps, but also in places where the refugees temporarily reside- at railway stations and along the borders.

Hygiene kits contain basic hygiene products for individuals and families. In the face of humanitarian disasters, violence and poverty they can mean the difference between health and disease which affects whole families.

After mapping the needs and an agreement with the authorities in Austria and Hungary, MAGNA will provide psychosocial assistance to people on the run, which is important for coping with a difficult situation and for preventing conflict situations.

Refugees are fleeing war, violence, hunger and death. People can help the refugees through a public collection via SMS to the number 836. Your SMS will contribute the sum of 5 €, which is the cost of a hygiene kit for one person.

Magna Children at Risk has extensive experience working with refugees. It is the largest humanitarian organization which provides immunization of children and women in camps for internally displaced people in South Sudan. This amounts to more than 65,000 people. Since January 2014 the staff of MAGNA vaccinated more than 150,000 people. They also helped refugees in Somali camps and communities in northeastern Kenya. On a regular basis, we also provide medical, mental and nutritional assistance to people after humanitarian disasters who remain homeless and reside in temporary camps set in Haiti, the Philippines or currently after the earthquake in Nepal.


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