South Sudan: Violence outbreak in IDP camp in Juba, MAGNA medical team is present to help

11. 07. 2016

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At the times of hope for reconciliation and peaceful solution, conflicts between ethnic groups and fights between rebels and solders broke out once again. Intensity of fighting seems to be worse than in 2013. The original plan was that people would return to their normal life and Internally Displaced People (IDP) camps would be closed by the end of 2016. South Sudan is in war again, in spite of celebrating 5 years of independence.

MAGNA medical teams are directly in Juba IDP camp. Since 2013, during the “normal operation”, we have been providing medical care there, mainly supporting the vaccination campaigns and prevention for women and children. Our team consist of 30 people.

During the weekend, shooting and bombing raids were heard in the camp that led to hundreds of deaths. Currently there are approximately 60,000 people in the camp. According to our estimations, about additional 5,000 people had arrived to the camp over the weekend, as a result of the renewed fights.

Our teams are ready to provide immediate medical care – we have 3 medical centers and mobile medical teams. The situation is extremely chaotic. Bombing and shooting takes place inside the camp, the security situation is complicated and movement is limited. But all members of our staff are fine, for now.


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