A day with MAGNA mobile clinic in the field.

05. 11. 2017

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MAGNA in Lebanon runs a mobile clinic providing health care to children from Syria in 8 camps. We treat 75 to 100 patients daily. See how one day with MAGNA looks like out in the field. The photos were shot by Martin Bandžák in September of this year.

Lebanon is trying to tackle the wave of Syrian refugees. It is estimated that more than 1.5 million Syrian and Palestinian people have fled to Lebanon since the Syrian crisis in 2011, and the country has since attempted to deal with their urgent humanitarian and health needs.

The civil war in Syria has exerted enormous pressure on neighboring countries, including Lebanon, with a population of about four million people. Seven years after the start of the conflict, most Syrian refugees are still dependent on humanitarian aid. There are no official refugee camps in the country, families are forced to live in improvised camps such as garages, farms, old schools and unfinished buildings.

How is MAGNA helping in Lebanon?
Overcrowded areas, unsuitable food, water and shelter significantly mark the health of people forced to leave their homes and who have no access to the medical care they require. The medical care they lack is therefore provided free of charge by MAGNA health care professionals right on the ground, including the treatment of chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension and asthma, whose regular treatment was disrupted due to the war. MAGNA’s professional care and supervision is also provided to mothers who had no access to care during pregnancy.


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