MAGNA is starting a new program to treat child malnutrition in Democratic Republic of Congo

20. 08. 2018

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The Democratic Republic of Congo is one of the poorest countries in the world despite its huge mineral wealth. Years of enduring conflicts have amplified poverty and intensified the humanitarian crisis in the country.

It is estimated that more than a third of the population of the DRC (16 million people) suffer from a critical shortage of food. Illnesses and epidemics go hand in hand with malnutrition and insufficient healthcare, making an already critical situation even worse. 

MAGNA is launching a project in the area of Iboko and Nsele in the northeast of the country to treat and prevent child malnourishment in 46 healthcare facilities created for a catchment area covering 45,000 children and mothers. It is aimed at covering as many malnourished children as possible in the community and trying to treat them immediately. 

Identifying their states of malnutrition and establishing treatment as soon as possible is very important in order to save them. If a child suffers from acute malnutrition, their immune system is so damaged that their risk of dying rises sharply. Even trivial childhood illnesses, diarrhea or pneumonia can quickly lead to serious complications and eventually even death. Therefore, MAGNA covers and provides treatment at all three levels: community, outpatient care and hospitalisation. That’s how we save children’s lives.

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