Nepal: Rescue activities in remote districts - help heading to 900 families

12. 05. 2015

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While the life of Kathmandu valley is slowly returning to the streets- full of resolutions to get back to duties, professional and private alike; remote areas outsite of the valley continue facing the state of emergency.

In the Sindhupalchowk district, in one of the four most affected areas (Gorkha, Dhading, Nuwakot), the emergency response is taking place only slowly. In this not as remote yet secluded and only hardly reachable district, most people will still live in temporary makeshift abodes for a long time after the earthquake. Their homes made of bricks and clay were completely destroyed during the earthquakes. In the last couple of days after the rescue, distribution and humanitarian response, there are now also various medical, protection and otherwise specialized teams consisting of a number of non-profit organisations who are finding their ways to the affected area.

For the last few days, MAGNA and its unit specialized in medical and psychosocial aid have been settling in Sindhupalchowk district, particularly in Sipapokhari village. In the affected area, the unit is providing predominantly basic medical care enhanced by specialised care for mental and social health. Our team is providing professional care for more than 900 families whose current situation is very critical.

The situation in the field is, however, still developing and changing. Weather is still an unforeseeable element. Last couple of days there have been daily short strong rains which can cause landslides resulting in further isolation of these parts of the country. It is therefore necessary to react effectively, especially to adjust to current needs of the population. In addition to setting the basic model of our medical and psychosocial intervention, this also means for MAGNA that we have to increase current capacity in the local makeshift medical centres in the form of increased distribution of medical supplies and missing medicine that is needed – which remains a part of our activities during the upcoming days.



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