You can help the victims of the fighting in Aleppo by sending a €5 SMS to 836 or contribute online at

Aleppo is experiencing the worst crisis since the start of the conflict in Syria. Tens of thousands of people, including hundreds seriously injured, are trapped inside eastern Aleppo with no access to medical assistance. Their only chance for survival is to be evacuated from the city. The evacuation began several hours ago but has been momentarily halted due to repeated shooting. The first evacuees that should have left the city have injuries requiring urgent medical attention. MAGNA is working at three hospitals near Aleppo and ready both to receive the injured and provide immediate assistance.

MAGNA is asking everyone to contribute to “Help Aleppo”, where all funds collected till 31st of January 2017 will be directed toward urgent medical care for the victims of the fighting in Aleppo.  People in Slovakia can help by sending a single €5 contribution SMS to 836 valid for Slovak operators. Contributions can also be sent directly to (IBAN) SK58 1100 0000 0029 4300 4292 BIC (SWIFT): TATRSKBX or online to

Mediacal aid here and now. Thanks to you.