Corporate Cooperation

The sustainability of our projects, which MAGNA employees managed to bring into existence, would not be possible without cooperation with companies and foundations. We depend on our supporters and their financial assistance, without which our work would simply not be possible.

Direct Project Support

You can support our various projects saving children’s lives around the world in any amount. We will respect your choice of country and location among those where our health teams operate.

Material Support

All forms of support are important to us, and so you can also help in ways that are not financial – by offering material assistance, or providing your services.

Joint us in the Field

Become a MAGNA partner and let us together implement a project in a place of your choice among those where MAGNA runs its missions.

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Cambodia. Takmau. 2009. MAGNA HIV/AIDS center. ©Martin Bandžák/MAGNA

Partnership with MAGNA

Partnership with MAGNA is based on shared values and respect for human life. We are humbly aware of how lucky we are to be helping others. MAGNA is glad to work with companies that recognize these humane, useful, and effective philanthropic activities.

Philanthropy, along with corporate social responsibility, has long connected the world of commerce with the world of people in need. CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) can be one of your strengths and visible values.

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How does MAGNA help in Ukraine


In Ukraine we started to distribute medical aid

29.4.2021 | News

We know the cure, but even so, a child dies from malaria every two minutes

25.3.2021 | News

The war in Syria is one of the greatest disasters in our history. It has been going on for 10 years.

Congo. Kinshasa. 2009. ©Martin Bandžák/MAGNA

Every year your donations cover thousands of treatments and vaccinations.

How are your donations used
medical projects

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