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A magnitude 7.0 earthquake hit Haiti's capital, Port-au-Prince, in January 2010. As a result, more than 300,000 people died and 1.5 million people lost their homes.

Country Facts

  • Total population: 10.85 million

  • Haiti was the first country in the Caribbean to gain independence, back in 1804. To this day, the island continues to face political violence and numerous natural disasters.

MAGNA Intervention

MAGNA concluded all its post-earthquake activities in Haiti in 2013.

  • Opening of Haiti mission: 2010
  • Areas of intervention: Port-au-Prince
  • Number of staff in the field: 20 (in 2012)

Brief Overview of the Crisis in Haiti

The healthcare system in Haiti is unable to meet some medical needs, such as treatment for trauma and maternal healthcare. Political instability, conflicts, and natural disasters have led Haiti to become the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.

Why we are in Haiti

  • Natural disaster
  • Collapse of health care system
  • Urgent medical care

Our Haiti intervention

In January 2013, we concluded all activities put in place to support those affected by the earthquake.

Our teams distributed material aid, conducted trauma surgery, and provided psychosocial assistance to people in camps and HIV/AIDS patients. We built and equipped hospitals focused on mother-and-child care.

  • In the Haitian Community Hospital MAGNA's medical team performed, in addition to daily patient care, surgery including amputations, reoperations, and routine surgical procedures. Our doctors treated more than 3,300 patients.
  • We distributed tents, blankets, and other supplies with a total value of EUR 197,000.
  • We introduced psychosocial intervention for people in the camps of Aviation, Nazon, Solino, Corvington, FEED, and Fame Pereo. 2,057 patients attended group sessions; 1,778 people were treated individually.
  • In addition to psychosocial assistance programs, we have built and equipped a new health centre for mothers with children in Port-au-Prince.
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