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The armed conflict in eastern Ukraine has affected 5.2 million people. More than 3,000 civilians have lost their lives and another 9,000 have been injured since the conflict began in 2014. The humanitarian situation in Ukraine continued to deteriorate in 2018 and the number of people in need of humanitarian assistance and protection increased to 3.5 million. Ukraine is currently in a war conflict and the number of victims is constantly increasing.

Country Facts

  • Total population: 41 million
  • 30% of people who rely on humanitarian aid are over 60 years old
  • 60% of people in need are women and children
  • 7 million fleeing the war conflict

MAGNA Intervention

  • MAGNA has been operating in Ukraine since 2019

Our Ukraine Intervention

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MAGNA has started distributing medicines and medical supplies from its warehouses in Ukraine. The first material is delivered to medical centers and medics in the area northwest of the capital Kyiv, which is experiencing heavy fighting and many civilians suffered injuries. In addition to health centers, people are also treated by medical staff who have stayed in the area and are cooperating with MAGNA. In total, the aid is intended for an area where more than 15,000 people live. (For security reasons, we don't publish the exact places where we distribute aid.)

"In the provision of medical aid, we must also ensure that the basic principles of providing humanitarian aid in war conflicts are respected. At the same time, we ensure the supply of other necessary medical supplies and medicines to Ukraine and their subsequent transport directly to the hospitals where they are needed, ” says MAGNA Operations Director Denisa Augustínová.

We have been assessing the needs of several hospitals directly in Kyiv and collecting additional information. Overall, it turns out that hospitals need all available medical supplies. From the MAGNA humanitarian fund and from the money from donors to help Ukraine, we have released additional money for the purchase of specialized kits for medical facilities, primarily for urgent care, obstetric care and trauma care.

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