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DRC: Bea and her daughter, victims of rape, were rejected by their husband and father. MAGNA hospital helped them.

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) was nicknamed the capital of sexual violence. Thousands of women, girls and children face it every single day.

Two thirds of sexual violence victims in Congo are under the age of 18. MAGNA helps hundreds of them every week.

Sexual violence is often an accompaniment in countries that have been hit by a humanitarian catastrophe or war. MAGNA offers systematic help to victims of sexual violence since 2011.

MAGNA: Treating malnutrition is often complicated by prejudice against „western“ medicine

MUDr. Eva Vitáriušová cooperates with MAGNA on setting up medical standards and she helps directly in the field on projects in Asia, Africa and Europe.

MAGNA in South Sudan: The mission goes on despite the security situation

It is also thanks to the ongoing conflicts that the 75% of the population have no access to medical care. Since January 2014, MAGNA vaccinated 123 322 children and women.

We teach moms how to cook to prevent malnutrition of children

The cooking classes are a practical way of showing people who take care of our malnourished patients how to prepare nutritious food from easily accessible ingredients.

Sophie Demay, „Even when a small part of world is in danger, the entire world is in danger.”

On August 19 we pay tribute to all humanitarian workers who risk their lives in crisis areas of the world.

South Sudan: Violence outbreak in IDP camp in Juba, MAGNA medical team is present to help

At the times of hope for reconciliation, conflicts and fights broke out once again. MAGNA medical teams are present and ready to provide immediate medical care.

MAGNA: Help to victims of sexual violence in conflict must be part of health care provision

MAGNA believes Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV) is a medical emergency. We strive to make comprehensive health care available for survivors of sexual violence.

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