Ukraine: war is here and now

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Photo: Martin Bandžák

In the summer of 2022, the photographer and director of MAGNA, Martin Bandžák, embarked on a journey of several thousand kilometers through war-torn Ukraine, all the way to Kharkiv, a city on the eastern flank of the country that was destroyed by Russian shelling. The stops along the way were grim. Destroyed residential buildings in Borodyanka. Bombed hospital in Mykolaiv. A man in his destroyed apartment in Kharkiv. People hiding in fallout shelters for months..

An anti-atomic shelter from the Stalin era, today it serves as a shelter from the bombing in Kharkov. The conditions there are depressing.

MAGNA trauma team during an operation in a hospital in Kharkiv.

Vladimir in his completely destroyed apartment in the northern part of Kharkov in Slatinka, a few meters from the war line and the border with Russia.

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