MAGNA is a private, non-profit, international humanitarian organization whose objective is to provide medical aid to populations in crisis. MAGNA organizes humanitarian medical projects to help people in need, whether through poverty, disease, war, or ecological disaster and regardless of ethnicity, religion or nationality. MAGNA is independent of all states and institutions, as well as of all political, economic or religious influences. 

MAGNA recruits medical and non-medical personnel, collects private and institutional funds and raises awareness among the public about populations in danger. Using a small but highly committed group of staff and volunteers, MAGNA has achieved respectable results. MAGNA for over 20 years has focused on providing medical care (primary, secondary, nutrition, sexual violence, HIV/AIDS and other infectious diseases) in countries such as Afghanistan, South Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Ukraine and Cambodia among others.

The operations are implemented by field teams and the mission coordination teams; together with the Operational Centre based in Bratislava and decentralized around the world. The field operations are guided and supported Cells covering specific geographical area and other departments and services supporting operations, including the Programme department.


The Health Advisor will disseminate and implement the medical policies and standards and will ensure the alignment of the policies with those of operations and other departments and that results are appropriate with the context of the missions assigned.

S/he ensures the quality of the programmes as well as the respect for the medical ethics and MAGNA humanitarian principles in the missions, through technical supervision, follow-up and advice.

He/she will be the interface between of the Programme Department, the medical staff in the field and the operations staff members..He/she is functionally linked and hierarchically accountable to the Director of Programmes and Medical Activities.

The focus is to ensure appropriate support and guidance to MAGNA missions regarding their medical activities, in collaboration with other relevant departments (operations, logistical, financial), while working as one team between HQ and field. 


Provide strategic and technical support to field teams

  • Collaborate with and give technical support to the teams in the field in all phases of the project cycle (needs assessment, design of project proposal, planning, monitoring and evaluation, project re-orientation, expansion or closure), for regular, exploratory, and emergency missions.
  • Define and justify the medical strategy of the projects within portfolio, ensuring it is aligned with both operations and medical objectives.
  • Support missions with medical advice when drafting the annual planning of the projects.
  • Provide medical technical support, taking into account operational orientations and the input from support services.
  • Support emergencies when needed, to ensure effectiveness of our response.

Supervise and support implementation of policies and plans

  • Ensure that the Organisation’s medical principles, guidelines, and policies are implemented, as well as the recommendations mentioned in the different medical evaluations. Identify report on, and challenge situations in which their implementation is not viable or may hinder the achievement of operational objectives.
  • Contribute to implementation of the annual operational plan in the projects within portfolio, according to medical policies.

Ensure appropriate procurement, monitoring and management of medical supplies

  • Ensure the correct monitoring and management of medical supplies by the medical teams in the field, together with the Medical Coordinators. Ensure that all procedures followed for local purchases, and donations, of medical commodities.
  • Validate all medical orders that fall under the “exceptions” category of the procurement protocol.
  • Ensure that emergency buffer stocks in the missions are consistent with the EPP (Preparedness Plan) jointly with otherreferents.
  • Ensure the quality of medical interventions comply with MAGNA standards; through proper monitoring of medical reporting from the Field, ensuring that supply policies in force complied with.

Follow up projects and support reporting

  • Ensure timely and accurate medical and pharmacy reporting is submitted by missions; to analyse the fulfilment of operational and medical objectives, and feed medical-operational monitoring and analysis.
  • Follow up the technical medical part of the projects through field visits and technical reports.
  • Analyse the medical information, statistics, qualitative information, surveys and guide the missions accordingly.
  • Support the medical teams in the field when drafting the technical parts of reports for donors

Participate in Human Resources processes and training

  • Collaborate with Human Resources Department in the assignment of field positions.
  • Carry out technical briefings and debriefings of medical professionals
  • Ensure that medical teams receive technical and methodological information through briefings 


  • Manage the communication channels with the teams in the field and /or the Programme Department
  • Agreeing with the Programme Department on operational research surveys conducted in the field.
  • Participate in the medical on-call process in HQ. Participate in the operational back-ups.
  • Ensure that knowledge management policies are implemented at his/her level of responsibility (e.g. ensure that the History of the projects with regards to technical aspects is preserved).
  • Participate in the accountability transversal processes at his/her level of responsibility
  • Establish, nurture and maintain a strong relationship, coordination and collaboration with the departments/Units and colleagues
  • To seek for opportunities and needs in operations which could improve the support, research and innovation capacity of the operational centre.


Open Ended Contract 

Salary based on your experience and MAGNA salary grid

Full time

  • Position to be filled as soon as possible
  • Possibility to sit in any of MAGNA office around the world or/and work remotely
  • International travel to be planned from time to time
  • 5 weeks of paid vacation / year
  • Oral communication face-to-face or by telephone


  • Health practitioner with strong knowledge of health management of humanitarian projects. Knowledge of public health and epidemiology is desirable.
  • Experience of minimum 2 years in field medical-humanitarian projects.
  • Very good level of spoken and written English and French is essential.
  • Good level user level of MS Office package


Applicants are requested to send their CV and related documents, including contact information (email address, phone number), by e-mail to:

Please put “Health Advisor” in the subject of the email.

We thank all applicants in advance for their interest, but we will only contact selected candidates.

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