Humanitarian Organisation MAGNA launches experiment in Slovakia and Czech Republic

11. 12. 2017

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(Bratislava – 11 December 2017) What would you do if you found an amount in your bank account, of just a few Euros? This is what happened in November to hundreds of companies based in Slovakia and the Czech Republic as well as to private individuals. The money had been sent by MAGNA, a humanitarian organisation that was wondering if anyone receiving such a small amount would even notice it.

“It was ten Euros,” explained Martin Bandžák, MAGNA founder and director, “yet it lets us provide one malnourished child in high-risk places such as Cambodia, Congo, Syria and South Sudan with one month of therapeutic food.”

A quarter of the 200 subjects that were approached saw the money and returned it after they noticed that it had been sent in a campaign by a humanitarian organisation, in many cases adding their own contribution to it.

One of the reaction written to MAGNA about the rather unique method they had chosen, mentioning: “10 Euros is a rather negligible amount these days, perhaps even for individuals. And for large companies it is obviously a very tiny figure, so we are crossing our fingers that your campaign turns out to be successful.”

Based on the response MAGNA received from people and representatives from companies that had contributed, MAGNA launch the campaign. “For the upper middle tier it would be probably chump change,” commented Richard Müller, one of the experiment participants. Beside Richard Müller, the campaign Negligible amount was supported by doctors, travellers, IT specialists, or businessmen.

In December MAGNA launched site. Campaign Negligible amount supports long-term missions in Cambodia, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Congo and South Sudan, where MAGNA healthcare professionals treats malnutrition and infectious diseases, doing vaccinations and providing primary and secondary healthcare to the children and their families. In these areas, 10 Euros often means for a child the difference between life and death. MAGNA’s healthcare professionals have been treating children and their families where it is most needed for over 16 years.


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