MAGNA in South Sudan: The mission goes on despite the security situation

30. 09. 2016

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MAGNA operates in South Sudan since its creation in 2011. It is also thanks to the ongoing conflicts that the 75% of the population in the youngest country in the world have no access to medical care. Since January 2014, MAGNA vaccinated 123 322 children and women. It continues to save lives despite the worsening security situation.

After the turmoils of July, the number of people in camps rose dramatically. Currently, over 40 thousand people live in them, of which 16 thousand are kids under 15 years of age. The fighting did not escalate into a civil war, but the situation in the country is not stable and many organizations stopped its missions or evacuated its employees. „Despite the worsening security siuation, MAGNA continues its activities and vaccinated 3 022 children and women over the summer. Of course, our team operates under strict security measures,“ says Cristina Masso, MAGNA desk officer for Africa.     

MAGNA offers medical help in camps that were established in 2014 in Juba for the people that were forced to leave their homes due to conflicts. „Since January 2014, MAGNA vaccinated 123 222 children, pregnant women and women of reproductive age. In a country where diphtheria, tetanus and whooping cough still directly threaten children’s lives, vaccines have been rated as the most successful and effective intervention in public healthcare,“ Cristina adds.

In September, MAGNA continues in vaccination campaigns and simultaneously, we teach and train local specialists in vaccinating.  

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