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MAGNA is dependent on the determination, dedication and hard work of people involved in the results of projects both in the field and in the office. We are currently implementing 15 projects around the world in which we provide medical and material assistance to the victims of disasters and epidemics with our more than 500 fieldworkers.

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By joining us, you will help provide health care to those in need, affected by natural or man-made disasters.

Field or office

The medical and humanitarian assistance we provide is made possible by our staff - both in the field and in our offices.

Doctor and logistician

Whether you are an expert in health, finance, logistics, IT, human resources, communication or any other area, you will be part of our common social mission.

to respond actual humanitarian needs
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South Sudan. Juba. 2015. Camp for internally displaced people. ©Martin Bandžák/MAGNA

What it means to work with MAGNA

Our work depends on the determination, dedication and hard work of people involved in projects results on the ground. Countries suffering from extreme poverty, war and post-war traumas, HIV / AIDS, malnutrition or the effects of natural disasters are their place of action. A posting from three to twelve months.

While working in the field, you can discover your hidden talent; the work can inspire you and change your life.

Your living conditions on a mission will often be quite basic. You will follow the safety instructions in all situations. You will not be able to perform the activities you are used to from home - sports, theater, cinema, etc. You will work with people from different countries, with local employees who almost always make up the majority of the team, which means you will have to be able and willing to adapt to people from other cultures. You are in direct contact with the people you are helping, but you may not always perceive their gratitude. In a project, country or area where you operate, the situation may change at any moment, and your work will have to change with it. Flexibility and adaptability are essential for the field work.

What we offer to field workers in the field

  • Adequate financial evaluation (according to the MAGNA pay scale)
  • Meal allowance during the mission
  • Accommodation at the place of work
  • Transport to and from the mission
  • Costs associated with the required vaccination
  • Medical costs insurance

Requirements for working in the field

  • Each position has its detailed description. Before applying, please study carefully the position you are applying for and make sure you can commit to work with us for at least six months (surgeons, anesthesiologists, and epidemiologists are often sent on shorter missions).
  • We are looking for candidates with at least two years of professional experience. You need to be flexible and adaptable, with the ability to work and live as part of a team. Knowledge of and communication in several languages is an asset.
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Who we need in the field

Financial coordinator

As a financial coordinator, your job will be to provide expert financial support for the project. You will be responsible for the overview and control of the funds needed to operate a hospital as well as for the approval of budgets for medical needs and logistics.

Logistics Specialist

Our logistics specialists ensure that projects are equipped with everything that is necessary to cope with an emergency. They analyze the context in the country in order to design, plan and set up the appropriate supply chain in the project.


From the management of nutritional therapy centers during a food crisis to the care of malaria-affected children, our pediatricians provide expert health care to save children every day.


From providing healthcare to refugee camps to helping set up health centers in remote areas, nurses are vital to our work. In many situations, they are the backbone of our medical operations.


Your experience of complicated as well as normal births will be essential for the work of a midwife. Visiting expectant mothers in remote areas, carrying out contraceptive checks and training other midwives will be your daily task.


From providing psychological first aid to survivors after natural disasters to counseling HIV patients, therapists play an essential role in our projects. Trauma is often the most painful aspect of experiencing conflict or disaster.

Work and Life in the Field

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Haiti. 2010. ©Martin Bandžák/MAGNA

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