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Are you a doctor or a logistician?

Check out the positions available with MAGNA in the field and find out what it’s like to have a career in providing health care where it’s needed most. We rely on a strong network of experts to provide life-saving health care.

Every year, MAGNA sends people from Slovakia and other countries to perform tasks together with more than 500 local employees to provide life-saving medical assistance to people who would otherwise not have access to health care, clean water and shelter.

MAGNA is looking for qualified medical and non-medical professionals, including coordinators, to work on our outreach projects.

What it means to work in the field

While working in the field, you can discover your hidden talent, it can inspire you and change your life.

Your living conditions on the mission will often be very basic. You will follow safety instructions in all situations. You will not be able to do the activities you are used to from home – sports, theater, cinema, etc. You will be working with people from different countries, with local employees almost always making up the majority of the team, so you will need to be able and willing to adapt to people from other cultures.

You are in direct contact with the people you help, but it may happen that you do not feel their gratitude every time. In the project, country or area where you will operate, the situation can change in an instant, and thus your work will have to change as well. Flexibility and adaptability are essential for field work.

Who do we need in the field?

Project Finance & HR Manager

Project Medical Referent

Project Coordinator

Medical Coordinator

Finance HR Coordinator

Supply and Logistics Coordinator

Field Communication Manager

Project Supply Chain & Logistics Manager


Medical Doctor

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