Career and benefits

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Going on a humanitarian mission requires a high level of personal commitment. Motivation, the ability to adapt and work in multidisciplinary and multicultural teams, curiosity and openness to other cultures are qualities that are essential for the MAGNA team.

MAGNA sends experienced experts to its field projects. Within MAGNA, regardless of your position, you will have a paid contract.

The organization offers a scholarship or a fixed-term employment contract depending on the person’s place of residence and experience. All international employees are provided with health insurance.

How will I be paid?

Your contract and compensation depends on your country of residence and your experience:

Standard fixed-term contract: a fixed-term contract with a salary from €1,709 to €3,483 gross, depending on the employee’s role and relevant experience. This salary is subject to taxation.

Foreign volunteer: volunteer agreement with a reward of €1,120 net.

Foreign employee: fixed-term contract with a salary from €1,709 to €3,483 net, depending on the employee’s role and relevant experience in the position.

What benefits do I receive?


MAGNA pays for the return trip from your residence to the mission. With contracts over 12 months, you have the option of getting an extra trip to your place of residence.


Each month in the field, a monthly living allowance called a “meal allowance” is provided to cover the cost of food and personal expenses. The same amount and grants all international employees working in the same country allocations regardless of their location.


PAID LEAVE: MAGNA has decided to provide and pay 25 working days of leave for each mission year. For contracts over 12 months, these days are higher, depending on the length of the contract.

BREAK: Usable only for the project position (not coordination in the capital) and in difficult missions. You are allowed one week off every three months. During these holidays, MAGNA finances trips to neighboring countries to some extent.


For the duration of your assignment, you will be provided accommodation in a MAGNA-approved residence.

Accommodation can vary greatly from project to project depending on living conditions within the mission country or project area. In some areas, volunteer accommodation and the MAGNA project office will be in the same building.

One of our basic principles is that all field volunteers should live together. At the same time, we understand that the family and personal situation of a field volunteer can make living together difficult, especially in longer-term projects. For these reasons, if possible, MAGNA pays for individual accommodation.


MAGNA provides health care and medical evacuation insurance.


A monthly amount paid together with the salary for dependent children who remain in their country of residence. It is provided only for employees working with MAGNA for more than 12 months and in a coordination position.

Can I go on a mission with my family?

You cannot bring your partner or family with you on your first field assignment.

This would only be possible if you hold a coordination position, usually at mission headquarters in the nation’s capital, and only if MAGNA allows the family to be in that location.

Security considerations, lack of job opportunities outside of MAGNA, limited accommodation options, lack of necessary education and health systems, etc. mean that opportunities to have families on field projects are limited.

Life and work in the field

While working in the field, you can discover your hidden talent, it can inspire you and change your life.

Your living conditions on the mission will often be very basic. You will follow safety instructions in all situations. You will not be able to do the activities you are used to from home – sports, theater, cinema, etc. You will be working with people from different countries, with local employees almost always making up the majority of the team, so you will need to be able and willing to adapt to people from other cultures. You are in direct contact with the people you help, but it may happen that you do not feel their gratitude every time. In the project, country or area where you will operate, the situation can change in an instant, and thus your work will have to change as well. Flexibility and adaptability are essential for field work.

How do we use the funds?